16 / HKI

Minä tulin viidakosta
ojasta ja allikosta
matalasta aitiosta
katsoit kunka suuntaa hain
vaeltelin valtateitä
salkku täynnä seppeleitä
älä sylistäs mua heitä
nyt kun seison jaloillain

sunset cigarettes
i think i finally learned how to love life.


I says to her,i shall be your red wine,your buzz,your high-low-down,your sense of taste.I says to her i shall be your excitement,the secret of the night you’d wish to live,she hardly a wild cat,more lika house dog,asking for strokes and hugs and petting and such,warm house prosperity,i’d rather…

this is not my design
by The two seasons of Hannibal in a nutshell.
psycho killer: "there is no god "
hannibal: "certainly not with that attitude"


what a day!!!!!!!! nothing happened and i was tired